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Our dedicated ICS families have continually utilized Scrip to purchase grocery and gift cards for all of their shopping and gift-giving needs and allowed Scrip to continue to be a Win/Win/Win for our students, families and school.
Please see the 2023-2024 Scrip letter and
order forms.
Some important notes regarding our Scrip program:
•    Scrip orders can be sent in any day of the week. Just fill out your form and remit with your child in their school folder.
•    Scrip orders are filled and returned home on Thursday. If you send an order in Friday, it will be filled the following Thursday.
•    Credit Vouchers that are earned with Scrip purchases are remitted to families monthly.
•    If do not receive a Scrip envelope, please email Cristina or Marcia at: or
We hope we can count on all of our ICS families, new and returning, to continue to support our Scrip program as it is an important way to support our school. And remember, Scrip is the only fundraiser where you receive back, dollar for dollar in gift or grocery cards, what you spend.
Thank you for your support!

Scrip is our only year-long school fundraiser and it has been a tremendously successful and vital part of our school’s fundraising efforts. Scrip supplies much of the computer technology that our teachers and students utilize. Last year was our most successful Scrip year ever and this would not have been possible without your support.   

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